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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q: What are the most common RV units?

A: RVs come in many forms. Some of the most common include Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Motor Homes,

Pop-up-campers, Slide in Campers, and Park Trailers.

Q: I bought my unit out of state and it’s parked in Walker, can you do my warranty work?

A: For warranty work you need to contact the dealer from whom you bought your unit from.

If your unit is going to be parked away from your place of purchase, you should consider buying where your unit is going to be set-up.

Factories do not pay for service calls, so we do not do other Dealers Warranty Work.

If you live away from the Walker Area, but you are going to be parking your unit in the Walker area- you

seriously need to consider purchasing in the Walker area.

Lake Country RV is a small dealership & we pride ourselves in great customer service.

So if you want service, you should be OUR Customer.

We take care of our Customers FIRST! If & when we have extra time, we try to take care of others.

Q: With my old trailer I’ve had trouble with the roof rotting out, why is that?

A: The unit apparently was not sealed properly when built &/or was not maintained over the years.

Sealants should be checked at least once a year & preferably 2 to 3 times per year.

Most people use silicone from the hardware store & it does not stick.

We have good sealants in our parts store that do work.

However you must prepare the surface before sealing, or it won’t adhere properly for any extended period of time.

There are different sealants for different types of roofs. NEVER use TAR!

There are other sealants for vertical surfaces. There are specific sealants that should be used on rubber roofs!

Never use any sealant on a rubber roof that is not safe for rubber roofs or it will eat up your rubber!!

Our Sales Staff can assist you when purchasing sealants.

Q: I have a 14 x 14 roof vent and need a new vent lid do you have it?

A: There are 4 different brands of roof vents and they are all 14 x 14 and the hinge determines what brand you have.

So get on your roof and look at the hinge on that vent and take a picture of it

or draw what the hinge looks like from the top and side of the vent.

So we can match it up and get you the correct lid for your vent.

 Q:  I’ve been told to use silicone on my roof should I use silicone?

A: NEVER ever use silicone on your roof it will eat the rubber on your roof and void the warranty on your roof.

We carry the sealant made by the company that makes the rubber roofs,

& it is specifically made for the rubber roof.

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